Volunteer with Us



Volunteer for Vikramshila and engage with us to make Quality Education a Reality for All Children.

Programmes that you can volunteer for

Naba Disha- Our Flagship Learning Centres In Kolkata:


Naba Disha is a programme by Kolkata Police runs in collaboration with Vikramshila for children from marginalized communities located in the crime prone areas of Kolkata. Children from the age group 3-16 years are provided learning support in this programme.


Bigha School

The Bigha School started in the year 1996 under Government of India’s, Innovative Experimental Project. The main emphasis of this experiment was to make school curriculum relevant in a child’s life-to make it child centric, context specific and life centric. Over the years, it has become more than just a primary school, taking on the role a resource hub for the community. (ADD LINKS TO THE PAGE)


How can you engage yourself?

You can teach our children. Visit any programme, interact with the children engage in conversation and choose an age group you are comfortable teaching.


Visit any programme, interact and engage with the stakeholders (children, teachers, community) and document (Photo, Video) your experience.


You can conduct a study of any of the programme you wish.


Please note that the minimum volunteer period is one month.

If you are interested to volunteer please write to us at info@vikramshila.org