Vikramshila’s MIS Portal

One of the primary objectives of developing the MIS portal is collecting and preserving the data that is being generated on a daily basis from the field of approximately 20,000 children. It also functions as a knowledge bank for the development partner and the Vikramshila team as well. Once preserved, the data will helps us to observe and identify the trends in the nature of the outcomes (learning outcomes, student profiles, geographical locations, sociological variations etc). We can analysis this data across various indicators and establish correlations between different factors. The data collected at different level in the education structure helps to draw aggregations of the reach and impact of our interventions over the years. It also acts as a diagnostic tool that helps us to make informed decisions about programme plans and strategies. The data on the portal will help to bear evidence of our sustained efforts in this field.

Data Policy

Vikramshila commits to ethical collection, retention and use of information provided to us by Individuals and Service Users. To this end, we adhere to the principles listed out in its data policy, framed in conformity with the Information Technology Act and the Information Technology (Reasonable security practices and procedures and sensitive personal data or information) Rules, 2011 -

  • Vikramshila obtains consent in letter, fax, or email from the Individual or Service User, providing information, before collecting, using or disclosing any sensitive personal information.
  • While collecting the information, Vikramshila ensures that the Individual or Service User is informed of the a) fact that the information is being collected; b) the purpose for which the information is being collected; c) the intended recipients of the information; d) the name and the address of the agency collecting information, and the agency that will retain the information.
  • Vikramshila ensures that the information collected is used only for the stated and agreed to purposes.
  • Before disclosing or publishing sensitive personal information to a third party, Vikramshila ensures that consent is obtained from the Individual, who the information belongs to.

Data from the following projects are included in the portal -

SLCs in Kolkata (Naba Disha) Madrasa Program (Hooghly) Headway (E2E) Government Schools in Kolkata (2015-18)
SLCs in Howrah Reading Improvement Program (Tripura) Early Childhood Education Social Science Project
Transforming Rural India Promoting Equity in Learning Maths and Science Project Support to Partners
Organizational data and Archives