Integrated approach to Technology in Education (ITE)

The ITE programme, an initiative of the TATA Trusts was introduced in 21government schools in 2015. To begin with, a baseline test was conducted with over 700 students to identify their computer knowhow and its application in the classrooms. Based on the findings from the baseline test lesson plans were prepared by the teachers of the Government schools with the help of Vikramshila and the intervention began. After a year an endline test was conducted with the same students in the same indicators to map impacts of our work with them. The analysis from the two tests has been consolidated in the form of reports across different schools, circles, and gender.

Early Grade Reading (EGR)

The EGR programme spanned across 24 schools catering to about 400 children in classes 1 and 2. The children took the baseline tests and based on the results lesson plan were developed for them. The same set of children took the endline test as well across the same components. The results from the two data sets and been compared and contrasted to give a composite picture in terms of the different schools, circles and gender.

Library Programme and Management

We surveyed 27 schools to assess the status of the library systems in practice using a qualitative baseline tool on the following areas: HM and teacher perception on need and use of library, Library Environment, Library Management System, Library Books, and Library Set Up. After working with the schools for a year endline assessments were conducted. The improvements have been captured in the form of reports across different schools and circles.

Remedial Camps in Mathematics

Remedial Camps in Mathematics were held in 33 schools. Baseline tests were conducted with about 1000 students. After the baseline test, 5 days of intensive work was carried out with the students which culminated with the endline test. Once again the impact in the different schools, circles and gender wise is shown graphically.