Voices from our Interns

“Vikramshila Resource Education Society has been the biggest turning point and one step up in my career. Being a post graduate in Sociology I wasn’t sure about where shall I really start from! But, yes, the opportunity of interning with VERS came to me as the brightened star that lightened my career with lots of learning and lots of hope. Being an intern here, I got an exposure and realized where the development of the country is required and yes, I felt that in some way I have contributed a little towards this development. I thank Vikramshila Education Resource Society for providing me this opportunity to learn.” – Lopamudra

“I am a student of Department of Social Work, Visva-Bharati University, Sriniketan. For the fieldwork practice of various social work methods, we engage with different communities and institutions. I am interested to work with the children and during the period of one month winter internship Feb.2016, I got the opportunity to work as an intern in ‘Vikramshila Education Resource Society’. During that time, I have engaged with Tata- Trusts sponsored project ‘Madrasah Quality Improvement project, in this time I have gone through various initiatives taken by VERS such as, visiting Madrasahs, organizing learning camps and making ITE materials. I have got the in-depth idea and understanding about working with children and work with the issues related to child education.

‘’Vikramshila gave us a huge chance to work with people at field level. We have worked with the poor mass in Bankura & saw how effectively people are motivated towards education. In Naba Disha it was our fortune that we evidenced how equipped & dedicated a community facilitator can be. PEL was the most interesting project, aiming at disseminating quality education among deprived, working with Nachni community & arresting problems of child labours. The most challenging work that we were assigned with wasto invigilate the student in RAA project. I still remember that how difficult it was to make them seat, once their examination was over. It made me remind my school days. Instade of conflicts Members of VERS are united & determined. At the door step of our career, a positive experience like this itself is a buster that motivates us to be optimistic.’’ – Iman Debnath

‘’Though the role was very challenging, but under the guidance of the trained professionals we could leap over all the hurdles that came our way. We also learnt how to control and manage the field situation. I personally found The Naba Disha project and the Quality improvement of Madrasahprojects very challenging. I found the ideas very innovative; one was to provide the urban slum children proper educational support along with IT facilities and library facility.’’ – Saralika

‘’ It does not matter if it is an office job or field work. When it comes to Vikramshila, there is always a chance to flourish your inner potentialities. It was a great opportunity for us to see how efficiently several modules were being developed with immense perfection and patience. Each project in which we have worked helped us in building up our knowledge. This experience motivated us to do good to the society but our journey had not such a smooth one if there wasn’t continuous support from the members of VERS.’’ – Subhankar Naskar

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