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If you don’t like seeing children of 8 or 9 working at a roadside tea stall, if you don’t like small girls washing piles of utensils, if it disheartens you to see small boys sweeping floors in trains or polishing shoes in railway platforms, and if you feel helpless to be not able to stand up for their rights, then join us! Together we can find a way. The mutual sharing of learning and experience with us and our volunteers helps us in building a free space for reaching out to the children.

If you do not have the time, you can also contribute to our cause by donating resources
In kind: books, toys, stationery, clothes in usable condition.
In cash: by cheque.

For making donations through cash or cheque you can contact our volunteer coordinator @

Address: 256 B, Prince Anwar Shah Road, Kolkata-700045
Phone: +91(033)24224855


Volunteer Testimonials::

Having been linked with corporate sector all my life, I had little idea as to how I am going to contribute to the lives of these little children. But life is full of surprises and at the age of 82, I find myself standing at a completely different threshold. I am glad that I am able to pay back to the society which has given me a lot. Children in Nabadisha are so enthusiastic about education and it gives me immense pleasure to see the streak of eagerness in them to be a part of complete learning culture. Be it dancing, singing, painting, craft making, drama or studies - they are unbelievable. What they need is the right guidance and platform which Nabadisha is giving to make a bright and successful India. Howsoever little the effort maybe but I am very happy that I am a part of this movement. I want more and more people to come forward and devote some time to make a difference in their own little way. May god bless all of you."


Ramaprasad Chatterjee, Teach India Volunteer, Kolkata

"Very genuine children, who have an extremely caring and loving nature. They possess the very human quality of helping each other and that itself is a lesson many can learn. I firmly believe that there are some children who very rightly deserve a formal education. For instance, Pinky has excellent managerial and leadership skills. Vikramshila is creating good foundation stones in society. Education and awareness about literacy and fitness at grassroot level can only bring changes in the society’s attitude towards healthy lifestyle. The teacher’s at Nabadisha are doing a very good coordination job also."                                                                                                 

Tanuja Bhalika, Housewife, Teach India Volunteer, Kolkata.

" I came to Kolkata with a few motivations- to learn, have fun and share any skills I’ve got. I can safely say the first two goals were completed, thanks to the pupils and teachers- I can only hope I gave you the last one.

The children at Nabadisha have given me so much happiness and joy. We’ve laughed, we’ve sang, we’ve danced and played. In gaining an education, academic work is important, but building lasting relationships is imperative.

I’ve loved meeting you and wish you all the best."

Jonathan Drennan, Student, Ireland

"Children of Nabadisha are a storehouse of outstanding talent with amazing energy. One has to have an experience to really get the meaning of my words. We all are probably in the search of true self and the purpose of life, but believe me you will get rid of all the complexities, when these kids hold your hands, give you the most heavenly smile, read, sing, dance and play kabaddi under the open blue sky in the middle of the road. I think it is my privilege to be a part of Vikramshila’s Nabadisha rather the other way round. I have had a wonderful time for four years as a volunteer and now as a professional in the same organization. Love and Best wishes."

Promita Majumdar, Kolkata, India

"Thank you so very much for such an amazing summer. You all opened up your hearts and welcomed me into your lives. I cannot tell you how much I’ve learned from each and everyone of you these past three months. We have shared so many special moments together. I will miss you all so very much as you are all such talented and special people. With all my love."

Jessica Pakenhammoney, Student Ireland

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