Capacity Building and Resource Development

Central Tenets
   • Working towards our goal of making quality education a reality for all children

  • Teacher development as a core function of the organization    

  • Recognizing the teacher as the key agency for bringing about positive change in quality of schooling

  • Working for teacher empowerment through trainings, seminars, workshops, projects and other activities.

  • Developing appropriate resources (e.g. modules, TLMs, learning packages, etc.) for the classroom to improve quality of learning

At the heart of Vikramshila lies a firm belief that teachers are the agents of change. Teacher Development through various kinds of capacity building activities has therefore been the main focus of our work across various projects undertaken by us. In addition, we provide a range of capacity building programs and also create variety of educational resources.

The Diversity of our Training programmes

Early Childhood Education
Primary Education
Upper Primary - English
Subject-based trainings at elementary level
Foundations of Education
Integrating Technology in Education
Accelerated Learning
Life Skills Education

Our Range Of Work

Working with grass root oranizations
Working with large scale government system

At Vikramshila, we try to understand the social context and the challenges of a region while undertaking any kind of training. Our own projects generate a lot of learning and we encourage our staff to reflect and share these experiences so that we can integrate these into our other programmes, specially training. As organizations grow in size, they tend to work in silos, as it is more efficient and convenient. But we realize that for a resource organization, there needs to be free flow of learning and experiences among projects, especially with the training team, to ensure that the rich learning gathered from the field is shared with other organizations, especially teachers.

Our efforts have facilitated the development of the following documents and manuals

   ·         Accelerated learning package

   ·         Social Science curricular material,

   ·         School Readiness manual for early childhood education

   ·         Subject based lesson plans for Primary level

   ·         Lesson plans incorporating technology (ITE)

   ·         Modules and materials on life skills at Secondary school level

   ·         English Language Teaching methods