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Vikramshila has been working with 2 kinds of Madrasas that are present in West Bengal. The first, more visible variety is the state supported madrasas come under the West Bengal Board of Madrasa Education (WBBME) and follow a curriculum similar to that of the West Bengal secondary schools. In addition there are a large number of private madrasas all over the state that offer religious education as the core curriculum. These private madrasas are not recognized by the state but nonetheless are reaching out to thousands of children who would otherwise have been bereft from any kind of an educational environment.

(a)    Quality Improvement in Private Madrasas

Vikramshila started engaging with the Private Madrasas in West Bengal from 2008 since these institutions were playing an important role in the achievement of Universalization of Elementary Education by providing access to the most deprived sections of society.

 The approach of working with private madrasas, in order to understand their perceptions as well as seek avenues to bring the Vikramshila’s approach, has been to first dialogue with the religious leaders of the madrasas requesting them to introduce formal education in their curriculum, if they had not already done so. A number of meetings were with parents, community and the managing committees of the madrasas explaining the need for quality formal education in madrasas. This was followed by customizing Vikramshila’s trainings, materials and support as per the needs and constraints of the Private Madrasas. Some of the madrasas had a one or one and half hour window for general education in their school. Vikramshila realized that this time span had to be utilised to its full capacity. This was done by training teachers to work in multigrade situations, contextualizing the state curriculum, mapping Teaching Learning Materials in accordance to the state curriculum and preparing workbooks and support materials for effective classroom transaction. A number of language development and are also organised. Read More...


(a)    Quality Improvement in Government Madrasas

From July, 2007 Vikramshila began its work with government madrasas formally through a project which aimed to transform 10 WBBME supported Madrasas into model centres, whose good practices can be taken forward to change the other Madrasas of the state. Over the years, our work with the Madrasas has gained depth. West Bengal Board of Madrasah Education with whom we are closely working with have expressed that the programme is successful in creating an impact, both at school level as well as at the systemic level. After the completion of the project with Model madrasas on whole school support, Vikramshila undertook successful engagement with the Madrasa Board for development of SARG (State Academic Resource Group) – which involved a systemic change in the Madrasa board, by creating a group of academic resource persons from among the teachers of the madrasas we worked in. The SARG, through continuous upgradation of skills and resources, will provide academic leadership to the WBBME.  Read More...




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